Clogworks Technologies Limited at the Commercial UAV Show 2017, London

November 2017 

Clogworks Technologies Limited and our partner Sky-Drones were exhibiting at booth 102 in London, Excel, at the Commercial UAV Show on 15-16th November 2017. Not only was it the opportunity to spend a few days in London and discuss exciting developments amongst the teams, it was a very positive couple of days with lots of feedback and queries from contacts new and old. 

It was very interesting to hear about all our visitors' different UAV applications and where the use of the Dark Matter hX could benefit their operations and lovely to meet so many people from all over the world!

Kirill Shilov, CEO of Sky-Drones, gave a presentation at the Mapping & GIS seminar theatre on  Thursday morning entitled "Professional autopilot and high-end precision engineered carbon fibre UAVs, the benefit of using SmartAP-Clogworks flight control system for the Dark Matter range". It discussed the capability of the SmartAP-Clogworks flight controller and optimal integration in our Dark Matter platform.

Clogworks Technologies Limited at the Commercial UAV Show 

October 2017

Clogworks Technologies Limited and our partner Sky-Drones will be exhibiting at the Commercial UAV show in ExCel, London. We will be showing off our Dark Matter hX multirotor and accessories at booth 102 on 15-16th November 2017 and we look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you from the teams to all who came to listen to the talk and/ or visit our booth during the Commercial UAV Show!

Sky-Drones and Clogworks Technologies Limited Announce Strategic Partnership

October 2017

Sky-Drones, a developer of cutting-edge autopilot systems, and Clogworks Technologies Ltd, a manufacturer of high end precision engineered carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles, announce today a strategic partnership to formalise the co-development of their respective products as  preferred suppliers.

Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones, and Peter Opdam, CEO Clogworks, cementing their partnership.

The two companies have been collaborating since 2015 on the development & integration of the SmartAP Pro into Clogworks professional Dark Matter® multi-rotors  to complement the advantages of these two 'best-in-class' systems and create a unique optimal flight experience. According to Peter Opdam, CEO Clogworks, "This is the natural progression of a great ongoing collaboration and we are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership". "We are delighted to have Clogworks recognise our hard work and look forward to develop our products further together", says Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones.

The result is the next-generation SmartAP-Clogworks autopilot system designed specifically to optimise the Dark Matter® multi-rotor capabilities. Like other SmartAP autopilots, the system provides maximum navigation and control precision whatever the environmental conditions. It also benefits from 3x-redundant temperature-stabilized IMU, integrated OSD telemetry, RTK GNSS support (with additional SmartAP-Clogworks RTK option), autonomous flight functionality and many more features taking this autopilot system to the next level. All the capability can easily be controlled by the user via the powerful SmartAP GCS software and its extensive suite of tools.

The Dark Matter® hX is a professional sculpted carbon fibre hexacopter with long flight endurance (up to 45 minutes with no payload), long range capability, a wide operational window (can fly from -20°C to +35°C as standard and in light precipitation) and excellent wind tolerance. Benefitting from a quick-release payload system, it can accommodate many types of payloads. (EO or IR for example with different levels of zoom), usually fitted on a 3-axis gimbal. The retract system ensures a full 360° unobstructed view of payload cameras. The pilot benefits from a forward facing low light FPV camera live feed to help with the flying and navigation lights to facilitate  operations at night. 

Both Sky-Drones and Clogworks Technologies Ltd take security very seriously and are committed to data security. No internet connectivity is required - ever - so the user never needs to worry about any sensitive data being sent anywhere and/or shared with third parties without their knowledge. All missions can be flown manually or programmed without internet access. If dealing with highly confidential information, extra security options are available.

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About the companies:

Sky-Drones was founded in 2011. The company develops flight controllers and associated accessories for integration to multi-rotors and fixed wing aircraft. Sky-Drones SmartAP products are currently being used all over the world. (

Clogworks Technologies Limited was founded in 2014. The company designs and manufactures high precision engineered carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles. Clogworks® products are currently being operated commercially in the UK and the Netherlands. (

Clogworks Technologies Limited now offering manufacturer type training for the Dark Matter® hX

May 2017

Due to popular demand, Clogworks Technologies Limited is now able to offer manufacturer type training at its premises or at a different location by prior arrangement for the Dark Matter® hX. Training covers: Full systems description, Safety briefing, Assembly/ disassembly, Aircraft airworthiness checks, Aircraft technical specifications, Ground Control Station App, Battery management, Troubleshooting, GPS calibration, Take-off procedure, Height control, Basic flight manoeuvres, Flight mode switching, RTH/Failsafe, Landing procedure and Mission planning. It is the perfect opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of your system and obtain the answers to all your questions.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Website launch of Dark Matter® hX

December 2016

Clogworks Technologies Limited is delighted to announce the launch of the Dark Matter® hX, the first UAV of its Dark Matter® range. 

Its high precision engineered design ensures utmost performance, modularity and ease of transportation. It offers a long flight endurance (up to 45 minutes with no payload), a wide operational window (can fly from -20°C to +35°C as standard and in light precipitation) and high wind tolerance (up to 11m/s). The Dark Matter® hX is a highly versatile UAV platform thanks to its quick-release payload system and a maximum take-off mass up to 20kg. The retract system ensures a full 360° unobstructed view, it comes with a low light forward facing FPV camera and navigation lights as standard. It also has exceptional handling characteristics due to a standard positional accuracy of up to 10 cm vertically and up to 40 cm horizontally, as the system uses both GPS and GLONASS. 

Clogworks Technologies Limited receives Permission for Commercial Operations from UK CAA

September 2016

Clogworks Technologies Limited is delighted to have obtained its PfCO from the UK CAA. This means that not only can we operate our aircraft commercially, we can also advise potential customers on what steps need to be taken to obtain their PfCO, if not already in place, in order to operate safely and in accordance with the regulations.

Delivery and commissioning of CNC machine to allow development of Clogworks® Dark Matter® hX

June 2015

Clogworks Technologies Limited has successfully received and commissioned its own high precision 4-axis CNC machine to allow work to start on the revised and improved Clogworks® Hex, the Dark Matter® hX. The new hexacopter will benefit from high precision engineered fittings made from aircraft grade aluminium, monocoque carbon fibre chassis and integrate a state-of-the-art flight controller.

Clogworks® Hex issued with an aircraft registration number in the Netherlands

June 2015

Clogworks Technologies Limited, as part of a beta-testing program on their hexacopter Clogworks® Hex conducted in 2015, assisted to a successful IDCA (Independent Design and Construction assessment) in the Netherlands. This assessment is required for ILent (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport, CAA-NL) to consider issuing RPAS pilot(s) operating the aircraft a valid specific exemption. Since then, Clogworks® Hex has been issued the aircraft registration number PH-1EU and continues to operate safely in the country.

Clogworks Technologies Limited CEO, Peter Opdam, says: "When the opportunity to assist to the IDCA (Independent Design and Construction Assessment) in the Netherlands presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. It is the perfect framework to have constructive technical feedback from other experts in the field on our product. We were delighted with the outcome, as the Clogworks® Hex passed with flying colours."