About Clogworks

Clogworks Technologies Limited is a UK manufacturer based in Yorkshire with in-house expertise to design and manufacture carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

We specialise in delivering high precision engineered UAVs to companies involved in industrial, security and commercial applications.

The company was born from a life-long passion for remote aircraft from its founder that evolved into the desire to create a UAV brand that would allow professionals to rely on only the very best solutions to deliver ultimate performance.

Both directors have years of experience in research & development in different fields: software, manufacturing and materials science. This expertise was drawn upon in the development of various multi-rotor prototypes of different capabilities and other future products.

With the aid of newly acquired high precision equipment, the production process has now been developed for our new multirotor - the "hX" - first of our Dark Matter® range launched in Q4 2016.

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PfCO 2767 (0-7kg & 7-20kg)